At present, as people's living standards are getting higher and higher, women's pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more intense, making the cosmetics market bigger and bigger. Existing cosmetics contain a lot of organic chemicals and plant extracts, which make cosmetics susceptible to oxidation and deterioration due to the influence of oxygen. Therefore, we produced a green and environmentally friendly cosmetic glass bottle. eco friendly cosmetic bottles is packed in glass bottles and uses glass. The air tightness of the bottle can stably protect the cosmetics and delay the oxidative deterioration of the cosmetics. Capacity includes:5ML/ 10ML/ 15ML/ 20ML/ 30ML/ 50ML/ 100ML Color:transparent Bottle wall thickness:2.5mm Caliber: 18mm Packaging quantity:5ML (765 pieces), 10ML (768 pieces), 15ML (468 pieces), 20ML (468 pieces), 30ML (330 pieces), 50ML (264 pieces), 100ML (140 pieces) Packing items:Outer carton, cable tie, inner blister, bubble paper It is made of environmentally friendly antibacterial material, which is safe and hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, with good sealing and no leakage. It can prevent oxidative deterioration caused by prolonged contact with air. Environmentally friendly materials, reject waste, materials can be recycled, quality in details. Sinbottle produced by eco friendly cosmetic bottles is chemically stable and does not react chemically with the cosmetic solution, paste, etc. inside. As a fashionable consumer product, cosmetics need high-quality packaging materials to increase their value. Cosmetic packaging usually uses non-renewable materials, causing material waste and air pollution. With increasing attention to environmental issues and global warming. Sinbottle uses renewable or recyclable raw materials in cosmetic packaging. In order to adapt to the trend of environmental protection, Sinbottle produced eco friendly cosmetic bottles, using recyclable raw materials, and designed cosmetic glass bottles that can make customers' cosmetic packaging more environmentally friendly.Custom Empty Cosmetic Bottles website: