Double side Al Copolymer Product Description: Double side Al Copolymer(Aluminum tape) have Aluminum foil extrusion coated double side copolymer .It is widely used as shield layer in Fiber Optics, Instrumentation, Data and Control Cables , to protect the cable keep away from moisture and water ingress. Technology Data: ItemUnitResult Aluminumfoil thicknessmm0.100.150.20 Copolymer thicknessmm0.050.050.05 Tensile strengthMpa≥58 Elongation at break%≥10 Peel strengthN/cm≥6.13 Water resistanceN/cm≥6.13 Corrosion resistance ≥7 Inner diameter:76mm/102mm/152mm/203mm/406mm Length:2050m-4400m Width :≥12 Color:NatureAluminum Copolymer Lamintation Foil suppliers website: